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This home page has become my bulletin board for things going on here at Fred Powers. Please use the links below for contents of  website. Thank You for visiting and I hope to see you on the trails and streams.


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Wilderness Trail Outfitters (Fred's Story) from Tom Okins on Vimeo.

A sit down interview with Fred Powers, the owner and operator of Wilderness Trail Outfitters.

Camera work by Kirk Anderson, Jim Merkouris and Tom Okins.

Edited by Tom Okins

If you can't watch the above video click below

click here for a 3 minute video on how I got into dog sledding




click here for a 30 minute show which aired on the pursuit channel, charter cable and a few other stations in 2012, this will be re-aired in fall of 2012, the show is called "Off the Grid" by Brian Whitens of Realoutdoors.com



Just imagine the adventure

Ice Fishing/Dogsledding

fish like this bluegill are common when the fish are hitting

One day ice fishing/dogsledding: ----- $200.00 per day Friday  thru Sunday and  $150.00 per day Monday thru Thursday
arrive at WTO at pre-determined time, take a short class on the dogs and sled, using dog teams travel into a non-motorized wilderness area  for a day of ice fishing and adventure.

All ice fishing trips -What I supply: clam 2000 portable shanty, hand ice auger, anchors for shanty, lunch on the trail/lake, dogteams and guides. Guides travel with Marcum fish/depth finders but are not for private use/rent.

For overnight trips --

Includes: 2 full days of dogsledding/ice fishing, one nights lodging, dinner, breakfast, lunch on the trail. Dinner and breakfast at Hiawatha Resort in restaurant, or Nahma Inn or under the stars.


Read this article in the Sunday issue of the Livingston Daily Press 2-12-12

click here to read article


It's winter and time to go dogsledding!!


Summer guiding for inland lake fishing!!!! is over get the ice fishing gear out!!!!!!!adventures for novice
Panfish lake fishing here in the heart of the Hiawatha National Forest is just around the corner keep an eye on this spot on the bulletin board for when they start hitting hard!!!!!!!!


We have some winter gear for rent



We have excellent group rates please call for group pricing 906-360-5480


What's so important about trusting your outfitter:
Whether it is here at home or on this website "what you read and see is what you get" that's my promise as a woodsman, a business man, and your Host and Guide. I love to guide/help folks experience the real adventures of living in this wilderness area. From speaking about my lifestyle to adventures on snow and adventures on water I am going to do my very best not only to guide you through the more adventurous areas but to also capture it on film for you.
About the kennel
  We are dog people who love our dogs, love to travel by dogs, love to camp with our dogs. We are not driven by a race venue and fill-in in-between, we are driven because of the love for this breed and what they offer to us for friendship and traveling everyday through this wilderness area. ALL of the dogs here go through dog obedience classes (that alone sets us apart from everybody else) so I can ensure you a safe wilderness experience. The conditioning program for all the dogs here is accomplished throughout the year. During the summer months dogs are running free in pens. in August the dogs  start a slow - meticulous - conditioning program bringing their mileage up slowly - bringing the dogs to a working level of 5 to 6 days per week if need be - alternating between 14 to 60 miles per day.
I could say that our dogs run 7 days a week, all dogs actually run 7 days a week around around they go, in a circle to a chain attached to a pole that's NOT  a good professional conditioning program, in fact its NOT a conditioning program at all..

I try to capture as many pictures as I can of your adventure at no extra charge.

Even though some of my dogs race and do quite well, it has taken years of breeding to produce the type of dog that I have here. Using the most trusted-obedient type males and females of 5 of the top long distance bloodlines, they have proved themselves over and over for their willingness to please, friendliness, loyalty, positive attitude, and work ethic.

You will be given a comprehensive class about the dogs and handling the sled from one of the experienced guides before we hook up the dogs, there is all kinds of time for questions during the class, and of course there is lots of time to mingle with the stars of the day-the dogs.

 Learning about the dogs-harnesses-food etc is free here, you can come early and/or stay after we have gotten back from the tour (even have a cup of hot chocolate with us) or you can stop here any time you like spring-summer-fall-winter to pet the dogs and visit. We have a long ways to travel (the length of our tours is another thing that separates us from everyone else) in the miles that we travel on our tours, other then stops for pictures and lunches it takes all the time allotted for the specific tour to get back here at the kennel.

We maintain hundreds of miles of trails mostly for long distance conditioning but 80 miles are used for the touring operation with 40 miles of that being used everyday. The first 40  miles of trail is compacted and groomed and kept in excellent condition. Partly because its easier for the dogs to pull and partly for the smoothness of the ride (old timers like myself appreciate not being  on a bumpy trail, especially sitting in a dogsled - even with padding!!!!).  Adventure is defined by moments and I guarantee you this type of trail system and how we manage it is designed to give you and your friends/family the safest, most awesome wilderness dogsled adventure that we can muster up here in this 1600 square miles of the Hiawatha National Forest.


I am a Licensed Outfitter by the Federal Forest Service with Liability Insurance - not all dogsled touring operations are.

I count on you speaking to your friends about your dogsledding adventure - My advertising is minimal, so I rely heavily on you having a enjoyable experience and speaking to your friends about your wilderness dogsled adventure here at Wilderness Trail Outfitters, that is the advertising and the success story for me and my dogs here.

To read more click here.



Fred Powers/Wilderness Trail Outfitters is located at the north end of Nahma Township which encompasses a 68% or about 75,000 acres of the Hiawatha National Forest which is 1600 square miles total. The village of Nahma's history stems back to the logging era of 1857 which at that time was owned by the Big Bay de Nocquet lumber Company. To continue to read about the rich history of Nahma and what we all have to offer you click on this link. http://www.nahmatownship.us/

From fishing Lake Michigan's Big Bay de Nocquet to Ogontz Bay to the Bass Tournament to golfing, to enjoying the beaches here on Lake Michigan to the many remote campgrounds on the numerous inland lakes found here in Nahma Township, a true quiet sport area. We offer trails for hiking, Mountain Biking, Cross Country Skiing and Skijoring. We also offer guided hunts and winter fishing trips with dogs. Nahma Township is truly a 4 season quiet sport place to enjoy. A perfect place for  family reunions, church group outings, business retreats or just for family leisure, Nahma Inn located in the heart of Nahma is where most of our customers stay.


click here to read one of the most awesome dogsled true stories


Airport Information

Delta County Airport - 906-789-5654

Delta Airlines, Escanaba - 800-221-1212

National Alamo car rental at Delta county airport




Wilderness Trail Outfitters (Outdoor Activities) from Tom Okins on Vimeo.

Commercial for Wilderness Trail Outfitters focused on the additional outdoor activities offered.

Camera work by Kirk Anderson, Jim Merkouris and Tom Okins.

Edited by Tom Okins

Music: "Pour Petite Tete" by L'Onomatopeur


Wilderness Trail Outfitters (Dog Sledding) from Tom Okins on Vimeo.

Dog sledding focused commercial for Wilderness Trail Outfitters.

Camera work by Kirk Anderson, Jim Merkouris and Tom Okins.

Edited by Tom Okins

Music: Chicago by Plusplus

If you can't watch the above videos click on the links below.

click here for short video a look into our trails and what we have to offer

another short video on what we offer



BRING foot and hand warmers!!!!!!!!!! also bring sleeping bags to put into the sled bag to help keep warm.

Double D Cabins - 906-573-2008

located about 6 miles from my driveway on County rd 440. These beautiful Log Cabins are on the Sturgeon River. Check their website out!!!!!
small cabin sleeps 8 - $80.00
larger cabin sleeps 10 - $90.00


Nahma Inn
Charlie and Laurie MacIntosh owners - give them a call Laurie would be more then happy to speak with you and answer your questions.
please check out their website
Rooms are  $65.00
Group rates are available!!!!!!
Continental Breakfast included
Dining Room and Bar room
They are located 20 miles south of the FF Hwy 13 location and 4 miles south of US 2 (south location).


A consideration when you have kids is:
 With the bar downstairs it can get noisy upstairs in the rooms.


Big Bay Getaway Motellocated on the shore of Big Bay de Noc on US 2, 23 miles southeast of my driveway. Very reasonable rates especially with the community kitchenette. Click on their name for their website. 906-644-2893

Big Bay Getaway Motel has a Kitchenette for your cooking needs- especially for breakfast.
You will be traveling into a wilderness area and there are no places for 20 miles to get breakfast so bring supplies.


Join Fred, Tony, Tyler, Rick and Geri, Bobbie Jo, Josh, Bruce, Danielle and the rest of the staff at Wilderness Trail Outfitters on a unique wilderness experience, Mushing dog teams across the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


Ok class, today you will be learning about the people who will be mushing your sleds!!!!!!!

Dog picture of the week
yes Blue, we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!


Picture of the week
2-29-12 some days it snows 2" per hour



Reservations for the 2013/2014 dogsled season are being made. You can still get in on the fun. Make your reservation today.


To see pics of dogs for adoption and pups for sale. click here.


What's new on the website:

crate training your puppy  


If it is to cold in the winter for you to dogsled then come with us on a Fall Training Run, the fall training runs have started out with a huge success with individuals and families learning what it takes to get a dog team in shape for the snow season. Click on Fall training run to see pictures and to read what our customers have to say about it.

For those of you who are new to the dogsled world check out our "What to Expect" page.

Fall Training tours start September 1

Dogsled Tours start on December 1 and run to April  30

Job Description

To all journalists, this is an invitation for you for a free dogsledding trip. The catch is, you need to write an article on your experience here and have it published. If interested please call or e-mail.

Gift certificates available - unique gifts for everyone

If it takes a few days to return your call/e-mail we are probably out with the dogs and we apologize for the delay. 

If you do not receive a response from an e-mail you send us, please resend the e-mail as it may have gotten deleted by our spam mail detector.

For those of you who are new to the dogsled world check out our "What to Expect" page.

Between Lake Michigan and Lake Superior lies an expanse of land called the Upper Peninsula of Michigan containing thousands of square miles of semi wilderness  to wilderness area. Between these two great bodies of water are marshlands and lakes with fir, pine, and spruce trees dotting their shores. These lowlands are surrounded by upland ridges where maple, birch, beech, red pine, and the great white pines thrive.

After the summer growing season, when the trees lose their coat of leaves, the winds shift from south to north ushering in the beginning of a long winter blanket of snow with temperatures around zero. It is now time for the adventures of dog sledding in the Hiawatha National Forest.

The picture to the left is supplied by Eric Deaton

Whatever your age (12 to 80 years young) we can customize your wilderness dog sledding adventure. If you would like to ride or drive (mush) a dog sled for 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, a weekend All Inclusive Package or take one of our Wilderness Experience Tours or anything in between, we can accommodate your wilderness dog sledding adventure.

Children ages 5 and up are welcome to ride along on this unique winter experience.

Its fun for the entire family





 pic below supplied by DSilk

For information you may not find in this website, please call, write or e-mail and please make your checks Payable to:

Fred Powers

15480 Federal Forest Hwy 13
Wetmore, MI  49895


 I have been having trouble with my email being received PLEASE CALL FOR RESERVATIONS
For a faster response please call the number above.


Current local weather for today is:

49895 (Wetmore Weather Forecast, MI)

Kennel Tours start June 15 but are by reservation only

Fall Training tours start September 1

Dogsled Tours start on December 1 and run to April  30

All tours require a reservation


guided ice fishing trips

Clickstate.com      Lookdirectory.com     Directorylocal.com     Directorycities.com

The largest Michigan directory and guide to everything you need in Michigan with useful resource of business information.


Hiawatha Resort and Cabins located 4 miles from our driveway. 906 -573-2450

Camel Riders Resort and Restaurant located 5 miles from our driveway 906-573-2319

Double D Cabins - located 6 miles from my driveway on County rd 440 - 906-387-3319

Nahma Inn - located 20 miles south of our driveway.906-644-2486

Kenbuck Resort- located on Stevens Lake road is a resort offering cabin lodging 906-573-2237

Big Bay Getaway Motel  located 23 miles away, 8 miles east of Hwy 13 on US 2. 906-644-2893

Super 8 Motel located in Wetmore they also have snowmobile rental & ATV 906-387-2466

Munising Snowmobile Rental located in Wetmore 906 387 4300
and in Grand Maria at the North Shore Lodge 906- 494-2361

There are only a given amount of tours we can run in the 18 week season so make your reservations now.

If you have problems viewing this website please notify us.


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